Multidisciplinary Artist

Peter's creations are more like conversational pieces. They reflect his deep desire, his ever-growing hunger to disrupt the status quo, while at the same time striving to make a difference in people’s lives through his work. 

Peter's approach drives from creating pieces that endeavor to think outside the box. Carefully constructed for people who want to go beyond scratching the surface of ideas and who are willing to risk, to explore and to try different things.

Because after all, why not…



I pride myself on my friendly decorating style – both in terms of my interaction with you and the items I put in your space. It all starts with a 2-hour consultation, where I work with you to design a ‘checklist’ for your home design and help you coordinate your next steps (contractors, shopping, scheduling…). After the initial consultation, you decide where your design goes next  - and how involved I will be in the process.

• Consultation*
Two hours includes colour schemes & concepts**
Practical living planning

• Premium Consultations*
Starts with Three hours colour Schemes & concepts**
Detailed notes/plans prepared for you

• Full Project Services*
Full concept development
Custom furniture & millwork
Kitchen & bath design
Project management**

* Client receives a decorating directory, including…
Helpful advice and suggestions
A list of referenced professionals & contractors

** An extra fee for each additional hour of consultation, shopping and/or project management


With the help of a professional Feng Shui Consultant

Our role as feng shui practitioners is to design and create an environment that empowers, nourishes and organizes each important life aspect of the people who live or work in that environment. This is done by a systematic and thorough evaluation followed by feng shui treatments and enhancements that will address the aspects of the home or business environment that in both obvious and subtle ways stop people from moving forward in their goals and aspirations.

Once a person has completed a feng shui consultation, the exciting adventure of implementing the recommended enhancements begins. Feng shui allows us to either use things we already have in our home or office to make the changes, or we can go out and find something new and exciting to bring into our home or office to create those changes.