Multidisciplinary Artist

Peter's creations are more like conversational pieces. They reflect his deep desire, his ever-growing hunger to disrupt the status quo, while at the same time striving to make a difference in people’s lives through his work. 

Peter's approach drives from creating pieces that endeavor to think outside the box. Carefully constructed for people who want to go beyond scratching the surface of ideas and who are willing to risk, to explore and to try different things.

Because after all, why not…

The decision to sell one's residence and find another building to call home can be both a very exciting as well as stressful time. The way one has created the interior environment of one's home is intimate and personal, and caters to those who dwell there. The process of preparing both oneself as well as one's home for sale can be quite complex. One the one hand, the seller is detaching and removing oneself emotionally from the building. At the same time, the seller is also in the process of cleaning and organizing the house in preparation. The seller is often following the realtor's suggestions of giving the house a new paint job, and perhaps replacing some outdated features. The effect of this can be confusing to the seller as just as they are preparing to leave their home, it is starting to perhaps look more attractive than it has in years. Very often, even with the new paint job and upgraded features, there still may be aspects of the home that block the home from attracting the ideal buyer and the seller's asking price.

In looking to buy a home, the buyer is viewing each candidate home and imprinting onto it what his or her life would be like there. It is also important that the home for sale give the potential buyer the ability to visualize how he can build on and expand on what already is there.

All too often, because it is still their home, sellers may have difficulty distinguishing between what is their own personal state and what is best to show their home in its best light.

In applying feng shui principles, myself and the Feng Shui consultant work with the seller or realtor to open up the home and give it the spaciousness and energy that will draw in the right buyer at the right price.

Real estate staging with both a Feng Shui consultant and a decorator not only prepares the house to looks its most marketable. As being that part of the seller's process is to close up what they know as their home and take that with them to their next home, We assist the sellers in preparing to pack and transfer the furniture, art and objects in the home that may be in the way of the potential buyer seeing all the home has to offer.

A major difference between a feng shui residential consultation and a feng shui real estate staging is that we keep in mind that the changes we are making are not for the people living there at the time. The enhancements and recommendations are less personal and more geared to the general public.

In working with sellers and realtors, myself and the Feng Shui consultant can take houses that have felt stuck, stale, cluttered and have been floundering on the market and make them feel vibrant, inviting, and home to the next potential buyer who walks in the door.