Multidisciplinary Artist

Peter's creations are more like conversational pieces. They reflect his deep desire, his ever-growing hunger to disrupt the status quo, while at the same time striving to make a difference in people’s lives through his work. 

Peter's approach drives from creating pieces that endeavor to think outside the box. Carefully constructed for people who want to go beyond scratching the surface of ideas and who are willing to risk, to explore and to try different things.

Because after all, why not…

Perhaps you're living your dream job, and lately you've noticed that the passion you had in the past for your work is lacking. Perhaps you feel you are stuck in a job that you never intended to stay in and it has become a career. Maybe things are great at work but there seems to be something that's off. Is it that productivity is not what it's been- or what it should be? Do professional relationships seem strained or distant? You know you are not getting the client base you deserve and your cash flow does not match the quality of your work and the time and effort put into it.

Factors such as these are often what cause professionals to make the decision to bring a Feng Shui consultant and decorator into their business to create a work environment that will generate the productivity, financial security and strong professional reputation they want and deserve.

One important aspect in a business feng shui consultation is to ensure that who you are as a professional and what your business can provide to your client is accurately and powerfully communicated in all aspects of how you show up not only to your established clients, potential clients, your coworkers, and even your competition.

Please keep in mind that myself and the Feng Shui consultant are very aware that in the course of a business consultation, the clients may share personal information and information about their work and they keep this information with strictest confidentiality. We are honored when we have the opportunity to utilize the principles of feng shui to energize and empower the client's professional arena, and we know that trust and respect are very important aspects of their work.

After your business consultation, myself and the Feng Shui consultant are available for both email and telephone support to address any questions you may have and to provide any clarification that you may require in your process of implementing your business feng shui consultation.