Multidisciplinary Artist

Peter's creations are more like conversational pieces. They reflect his deep desire, his ever-growing hunger to disrupt the status quo, while at the same time striving to make a difference in people’s lives through his work. 

Peter's approach drives from creating pieces that endeavor to think outside the box. Carefully constructed for people who want to go beyond scratching the surface of ideas and who are willing to risk, to explore and to try different things.

Because after all, why not…

Condos present some interesting opportunities and challenges to those who live in them. On the one hand, the lack of a weighty mortgage to worry about, and reliance on the corporation to take care of repairs, security, and other worries that homeowners typically have to deal with make condo living very attractive. On the other hand, sometimes the often smaller quarters, lack of property, and close neighbors can make condo living have its own difficulties.

Perhaps you're at a time in your life when you are taking a look at who you are, the people in your life, and the direction you are taking. There are aspects of all that that excite you and make you feel good. But, perhaps there are parts of who you are and where life is taking you that you know can be enhanced and improved. You may be feeling blocked in certain areas, such as relationship or personal development. You may be working at certain goals, such as finances or taking care of your body, and you are confused as to why with all the effort, experience, and investment you have made, you are not further along towards your goals as you would like to be.

This is the time that many people make the decision to bring a Feng Shui consultant into their condo for the professional feng shui consultation that will move them closer to their goals.

In feng shui, we believe that your outer environment has a direct impact on your internal reality. Your home environment may have aspects of it may actually be holding you back from your full potential.

Feng shui adjustments were made to create more a distinct separation between the inner and outer world. As for the intrusive neighbors, the feng shui remedies provided in the consultation provided a protective emotional barrier that resulted in their experiencing more privacy and security.

Please know that myself and the Feng Shui consultant are honored by the opportunity to be of service and know how transformative feng shui can be in peoples' lives. We are also aware that clients often share personal information during the course of the consultation and we know the necessity and importance of respecting people's privacy. It is because of this that they keep everything shared with them by clients in strict confidentiality.

After your apartment's consultation, myself and the Feng Shui consultant are available for both email and telephone support to address any questions you may have and to provide any clarification you may require in your process of implementing your condo feng shui consultation.